Spill Intimate Details Of Your Sex Life Online


Have you ever tracked your sex life? Back in the day, I had a friend who wrote her hookups in her Filofax. She would like a new app called Bedpost Beta:

The web-based program allows users to log in and keep a permanent record of their sex lives. Choose the date, the time you started doing the do, and how many minutes (hours?) it lasted. Plus, there’s a 5 star rating system. According to InventorSpot:

You can also include the name of the partner you had sex with, for future comparative purposes, and enter descriptive tags to help trigger your memory about the sexual encounter. You can use this field to record the sexual positions you experimented with (think kama sutra), use of props and sex toys, “orgasm” or “norgasm”, or simply use adjectives like “wow” or “mind blowing” or […] “disappointing”.

While there are applications that track your period and ovulation, tracking sex for sex’s sake is different: A calendar that tells you “you’re getting laid almost every other day” (that’s the word-for-word copy from Bedpost) sheds some light on a part of life many women might be in the dark about. (Bedpost swears all info is private, and that the site is password protected. Partners may have the ability to log in in the future, but with limited access.)

One question that comes up is how seeing your sexual activity mapped out would affect you emotionally. If you saw your sex life on a graph or a calendar, would you make changes? Do it more often? Or would you feel accomplished, and pat yourself on the back?

Get Busy! Analyze & Record Your Sex Life With Bedpost Beta [InventorSpot]
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