Starbucks Customers Narrowly Avoid Rubbing-Alcohol Screwdrivers


A California woman was arrested on Monday night at her home in San Jose on charges of attempted murder and poisoning for allegedly spiking bottles of orange juice with lethal doses of rubbing alcohol and trying to stealthily stock the bottles at a local Starbucks.

An eagle-eyed Starbucks customer spotted Ramineh Behbehanian behaving suspiciously, i.e. caressing the poisoned juice bottles and cackling next to the juice rack, and told an employee that, hey, um, that wild-eyed lady over there is trying to fuck with everyone’s juice. Behbehanian overheard the conversation and fled the scene before law enforcement officials could arrive, but not before another customer was able to record her license plate number.

According to San Jose Police Sergeant Jason Dwyer, Behbehanian’s motive remains unclear, although it’s probably safe to say that Behbehanian wasn’t experimenting with a new screwdriver recipe she found on Pinterest. San Jose police and firefighters were called to the shop immediately after Behbehanian left, and hazardous materials inspectors tested the contents of the two suspicious bottles only to discover that they contained “a mixture of orange juice and isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol.”


Image via AP, Ted S. Warren

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