State Senator Troy Brown Charged with Domestic Abuse, Claims Short Term Memory Loss 


A Louisiana State Senator is being charged with domestic abuse battery against a woman who told police that she has been his “side friend” for a decade. In a statement, the senator acknowledged that an “altercation” took place, but said he did not recall the details due in part to brain damage from a 1991 car accident.

State Senator Troy Brown, a Democrat who is married with children, is accused of punching the woman in the face at a hotel in downtown New Orleans on November 28. Brown took office in 2012 and has had a largely quiet tenure, until now.

According to a police report, the woman told police she and Brown have been involved for a decade, and that he would threaten or assault her “every few months.” She told police she had been in a hotel room with Brown, a friend of hers, and the friend’s daughter. When the women went to leave, she said, Brown got into an argument with her friend near the hotel elevator. The woman said she intervened and that Brown then punched her in the face, leaving her with a swollen eye.

In an emailed statement to news outlets Monday morning, Brown indicated that the car accident and “social alcohol consumption” might be to blame for whatever went down in that hallway:

“At approximately 2:30 a.m. this past Sunday, I socialized with a small group of friends at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown New Orleans after having attended the Bayou Classic game. I am not able to recall all the details of what transpired, but I do know there was an altercation involving myself and two or three other individuals. Security was called and I was arrested for misdemeanor Simple Battery by NOPD. Back in 1991 I suffered a life-threatening automobile accident which resulted in brain damage which caused some short term memory loss which I have always considered to be minor. However, as a result of this incident and other recent memory concerns I am consulting with a neurosurgeon to see if social alcohol consumption is now affecting my cognitive functions in ways it has not previously. I apologize to my family and my constituents, and I commit to getting the help I need to resolve the medical issues which I believe contributed to this incident. From the first moment authorities were called I have cooperated fully with them and will continue to do so.


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