Stolen Underwear and Cosby Show Roles: 3 More Alleged Cosby Victims Speak


On Wednesday, three more women came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault and harassment. One says The Cosby Show front man promised that she’d replace Lisa Bonet on the sitcom, while another says he may’ve taken her underwear.

Former Miss America Lisa Christie says she was an 18-year-old model when she met Cosby during a Jell-O commercial shoot, according to People. He became a mentor to her, as so many other alleged victims also claim, and coached her through the ropes.

“I met him at his brownstone for acting lessons and I even met him at a jazz club in the Village where he had me dress to look like Lisa Bonet. He said that he wanted me to replace her on the Cosby Show,” she alleged.

A few years later, Christie says Cosby flew her to Chicago and they met at the Ambassador hotel. There that he gave her a drink and attempted to kiss her. Christie rejected his moves and says he told her, “You’re never going to make it in this business unless you sleep with me.”

She slept on the couch and left the hotel the next day.

Pamela Abeyta says she met Cosby when she was a 25-year-old aspiring model in Las Vegas in 1979. She hoped the star, who was friends with Playboy owner Hugh Hefner, would help her get into the magazine. Abeyta was invited to stay in the guest room of Cosby’s hotel suite and the following day he purchased $2,500 worth of clothes for her. That night the two went to dinner and a show but by the end Abeyta barely recalled anything. As the New York Daily News reported:

“I don’t remember leaving the dinner show,” she said. “When I came to I was lying in Bill Cosby’s bed not my own room. I awakened for a second time and then blacked out. When I came to again I saw two other naked people in the room by the bed. Bill was sitting on the side of the bed and I blacked out again.”

She says she awoke the next day, left the hotel and caught a flight home, all of which she barely recalls.

Sharon Van Ert encountered Cosby in 1976 when she was a waitress at Concerts of the Sea, a jazz club in California’s Redondo Beach. Cosby was a familiar guest and one night he offered to drive her home in her car because she was too drunk.

“After a while, Mr. Cosby started getting fresh,” she said. “He was touching me and rubbing my leg. The next thing I remember was waking up in my car, my head hanging down from the seat, alone. I knew I was drugged because I threw up and I never threw up or drank too much. I believe that he must have put something in my drink while we were closing up the place. When I got home I realized my panties were missing and I never found them.”

Van Ert says she told her boss’s wife but nothing ever came of her revelation, so she quit Concerts of the Sea.

Most recently, Cosby is preparing to fight old charges stemming from his settled case with Andrea Constand. Pennsylvania prosecutors are reportedly reviewing the case for possible new leads, most likely encouraged by Cosby’s 2005 deposition where he admitted to obtaining quaaludes for sex. Elsewhere, lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents the three women described above, is scheduled to depose Cosby on October 9 in connection with a claim made by Judy Huth, who says Cosby molested her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15 years old.

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