Students Sue For Right To Love Boobies


Many school districts have banned “I (Heart) Boobies” bracelets — but now some Pennsylvania teens are suing for their right to express boobie-love.

According to the AP, two middle school kids in the Easton Area School District were suspended last month for wearing bracelets that read “I (Heart) Boobies. Keep a Breast.” The bracelets are (ostensibly) meant to raise breast cancer awareness, but the district called them “distracting and demeaning” (others have banned them for “sexually suggestive language”). However, the kids’ parents disagree — and now they’re suing. Says plaintiff Jennifer Hawk, whose daughter Briana was one of the students suspended,

The school district had a choice. They could just drop the ban and drop the whole thing. But they obviously want to take a gamble and go all the way.

Clearly you do not fuck with Jennifer Hawk. Especially since the ACLU is on her side, calling the bracelets “perhaps irreverent, but not indecent.” As Sadie pointed out back in August, these bracelets might not be the best way to help breast cancer patients — and there’s a pretty good chance some kids are wearing them just to be shocking. Still, if schools are cracking down on boobie bracelets and pink cleats harder than on “Straight Pride” shirts, something’s definitely not right.

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