Supercut Of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Proves Which Song Really Won 2013


Still think Robin Thicke’s rapey song “Blurred Lines” was the Song of 2013? Mmmm…might want to check out this insane supercut from our friends at Stereogum.

The writers over there looked at all the times/ways the French duo’s song worked its way into pop culture over the last year and holy shit, it’s pretty remarkable:

We also heard it covered by dozens of popular bands, which was just as well, since Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter themselves never performed the song live. (That could change at next month’s Grammys ceremony, where the song will compete for Record Of The Year.) In the past few weeks, we’ve seen “Get Lucky” honored in many publications’ lists of the year’s best tracks. Spotify named it 2013′s most viral track (it had the most streams in 24 hours). And in our annual readers’ poll the Gummy Awards, the single recently took top honors in the Best Song category. It was The Year Daft Punk Broke (sorry), so let’s take a look back at how inescapable “Get Lucky” was with a supercut below. Thanks Matt Neatock for helping me put it together. Enjoy.

Wow, Daft Punk never performed the song live. But Adam Levine did! Take a look at the full video here and see if you remember all the times this song wormed its way through pop culture this year:

For me, it was all about Stephen Colbert’s epic take on the song from the summer. I could watch that man dance with Jeff Bridges for a hundred years.

BTW I love that they make time consuming and elaborate videos like this over at Stereogum. I would do that for y’all here, too, but I am still working on drinking all the leftover Christmas Vodka. When that happens, I’ll get right on it. Promise.

Image via Getty Images

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