Suri Cruise's Clothing Line Is Our Fearsome New Reality

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Now that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been away from the Xenu madness and securely ensconced in the filthy bosom of Manhattan for some time, the 7-year-old child can go about having a totally normal childhood. Which now involves ghost-designing a fashion line that’s worth more than Reese Witherspoon’s new property/an actual human soul. You know! Kid stuff.

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has just inked a multi-million dollar deal and her label has reportedly been named “Suri.”
The fashion-conscious schoolgirl, who regularly tops lists of most stylish celebrity child, will launch her first collection for young girls this fall in a New York department store.
If successful, the Suri brand will be rolled out in shops across North America next year.

By next year we’ll all be wearing patent leather shoes and hair bows. [Page Six; lede image via HuffPo UK]


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