Suze Orman Shows Up to Support Florida Same Sex Weddings 


Despite the wishes of asshole Florida governor Jeb Bush, same-sex couples in Florida flocked to courthouses looking to get married on Tuesday.

Social media sites like Twitter were filled with images from around the state of couples getting their wedding licenses. Unlike some other assholes, most county courts seemed to be thrilled to welcome their residents signing up to be wed.

They were joined in Palm Beach County by financial guru Suze Orman who, along with her partner Kathy Travis, showed up to support friends Nikki Korval and Marty Harris from Delray Beach. Korval and Harriswere finally wed after 25 years together. Here’s what Orman told the Palm Beach Post:

“It’s one thing to be powerful with money, but without personal freedom, money means nothing. So, now, we have it all. We are proud Florida residents, but I did vow on TV about two years ago that if Florida did not change its laws that KT and I would be leaving this state and all our money that we spend here to go a state that supports who we are. The good news is we don’t have to go!! “We don’t want to move.”

It must be so, so embarrassing to be Jeb Bush right now. Bush, who told reporters that people in the state of Florida don’t want gay marriage.

As someone who spent many years growing up in Florida, this was an overwhelming, emotional site to behold. But I don’t think you need to be a Floridian (native or transplant) to appreciate how great Tuesday night was. Thousands of people finally got something they have wanted so much and been denied so long. Congratulations to all of them.

Image via Twitter.

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