Tampon-Throwing 'Hooligan' Pleads Guilty To Super-Absorbent Assault


An Australian woman has pled guilty to assault after throwing a wet tampon at a McDonald’s employee. She says her crime has been blown out of proportion, but her victim feels justice has been served.

According to News.com.au, 27-year-old bartender and self-described “hooligan” (yes, really) Rebecca Leigh Crimmins “dabbed a McDonald’s worker’s hand with a wet tampon, before throwing it at him, when she went through the restaurant’s drive-through.” The tampon was apparently dipped in “cordial” (aka juice), not ladyblood, but victim Luke Clareburt thought it was blood and was understandably upset. Now Crimmins has pled guilty and won’t serve jail time, but she’s been fired from her job and says she has “pretty much lost everything.”

Crimmins thinks law enforcement and McDonald’s made too much of her tampon attack — she says they “made a mountain out of a molehill.” But Clareburt says, “She deserves everything she gets. She’s got no one to blame but herself.” I tend to agree with him — throwing something at a food service worker is a form of assault no matter what the object is, and if it’s something he thinks could be filled with blood, that’s even worse. Even though the tampon wasn’t actually bloody, it’s not surprising that Clareburt was freaked out. Getting hit with a used tampon isn’t just gross; it could also expose you to disease. That said, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before some company proclaims its tampons leakproof and perfect for throwing — especially since Aussie tampon ads are kind of gross already.

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Barmaid Who Threw Tampon At McDonald’s Worker Says Prank Has Ruined Her Life [News.com.au]

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