Taylor Swift Has a Subreddit Entirely Devoted to Her Glorious Armpits


Taylor Swift’s fans are some of the most obsessive and devoted in all of show biz. They love all of her, including (and especially) her armpits as this wildly specific subreddit goes to show.

Unearthed late last week by The Daily Dot, r/taylorswiftarmpit includes photo after photo of Swift’s underarm. Some commentary is admiring, other commentary is sexual, but all are equally doting.

“Taylor straight flexin’ on the cover of ASOS,” comments Redditor kanders on a photo of Taylor Swift’s armpits.

“She even argues with ferocious armpit movements,” comments en0rt on a gif of Taylor Swift’s armpits.

“Lift it up, just a little more…there we go…yeah, girl,” comments klawrence27 on a gif of Taylor Swift’s armpits.

“Damn those pits look soft and tasty,” comments an understandably deleted account on a photo of Taylor Swift’s armpits.

And finally:

“Can you imagine putting your dick in that?” asks ilovefemalearms on a photo of Taylor Swift’s armpit.

No, ilovefemalearms, I can’t. I definitely can’t.

Kaylie Bunch, who claims to have created the subreddit (before eventually handing it over to a bigger Taylor Swift armpit fan), commented on The Daily Dot article, explaining:

Just for a bit of background the sub was created after someone posted a photo of Taylor in /r/taylorswift that had a nice shot of her armpit. I made a comment about how it looked nice and was subsequently banned for “being a creep is not tolerated” So I figured why not make a sub. I posted all the original links (which is why for the first few months of posted they are all by [Deleted] as well) and advertised the sub in relevant other posts. And so the sub grew. I routinely delete my reddit account and start a new one so as to not allow too much info to be displayed on one account. When it came time for that I made a post asking if anyone wanted the sub (you can still see this post in the /r/taylorswiftarmpit sub) and it was given to another person and I deleted my account. That person then shut the sub down and made it locked with a page reading “This shit has got to stop” . From there I believe someone appealed to the reddit admins to get it as an abandoned sub and from then on it has continued to grow and the community started to post on their own. Once in a while I had to jump in with a throwaway account to keep it active or advertise it in a relevant post but now it does nicely on it’s own. I am happy the sub has turned out the way it has, and enjoy that everyone finds it so strange my only hope is to one day see proof of Taylor herself acknowledging it’s existence so that I can know that some nobody on a lark created something that indirectly allowed them to interact with Taylor Swift. I do like all the work she does and not just her armpits (although I still to this day maintain they are very nice) Thought you might enjoy the brief history lesson on the sub. Good day.
PS I also made /r/taylorswiftbum which is why the creator also shows as deleted.

Yes, I’m sure Taylor will recognize r/taylorswiftarmpit—and r/taylorswiftbum—any day now.

Image via the AP.

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