Taylor Swift To Be A Dr. Seuss Character

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Sometimes your childhood memories have a beating heart, throbbing, full of joy and love. And sometimes those memories live snuggled deep inside you, safe and warm, protected. But sometimes, quite suddenly, one of those memories will be pierced with a sharp knife of terrible information, flaying open that soft organ, exposing the tender flesh and killing the goddamn thing. Today is that day, friends: Taylor Swift has joined the cast of the CGI-animated movie The Lorax. You may be thinking, there are no females, or even country singers in The Lorax! Just a boy, some Bar-ba-Loots, a flock of Swomee Swans, the Lorax and the Once-Ler. Yeah, I know. Now it will have Zac Efron, Danny DeVito and the Swift. Sorry. (ETA: It is now a love story, with Swift as the girl of the little boy’s dreams. Sob.) [The Hollywood Reporter] (Want to watch the original film? Click here.)

Rebecca Black speaks! And it’s kind of sad. “At times, it feels like I’m being cyberbullied,” she says. Her mom paid $2,000 for the song and the video. Her mom explains, “A few times, when I heard some of the lyrics, I was like, ‘That doesn’t make sense,’ ‘Rebecca said, ‘I sang it as they wrote it, Mom.’ So I didn’t micromanage it.” [The Daily Beast]

After dating a male model, Kate Winslet is having “secret” hookups with John Mayer. Allegedly! They ran into each other at a party; he charmed her, and “she’s just having fun.” Waiting on the world to change? [CeleBitchy]

  • Charlie Sheen wanted to pose with his daughters? And when Denise Richards wouldn’t let them, he threatened her with physical violence? As usual, the opposite of winning. [Us Magazine]
  • Charlie Sheen has added 12 more dates to his Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour. [ABC News]
  • In an interview for The View that will air today, Billy Ray Cyrus says: “I’ve dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together… Things are the best they’ve ever been.” And: “I feel like I got my Miley back in a way… I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened.” [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan went out partying, drank water, kissed a dude. Yawn. [Page Six]
  • A rep for Alexis Knapp, who is supposedly pregnant via Ryan Phillippe, says Alexis “has never asked Ryan for any help, nor does she expect it.” And: “Alexis has maintained her silence and will continue to do so. Any ‘source’ claiming to have been her or her camp up to this point is false.” Noted! [People]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray could use fingerprints found on a syringe under Michael Jackson‘s bed to prove the singer killed himself.” [Contact Music]
  • The new Charlie’s Angels wear Louboutins. [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]
  • Chris Brown on his nude photos: “Girls be reckless.” Oh yes, blame the ladies, definitely! [Page Six]
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