TBS Gives Louis C.K.'s Latest Animated Project the Boot


Louis C.K., who has been booted from an astonishing number of cartoon features since his fall from grace, has been cut from yet another animated series formerly headed to TBS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TBS has officially called it quits on animated series The Cops, which was being produced by C.K. The series was created by C.K. and Albert Brooks, and would have featured C.K.’s voice. Here was the logline, via Deadline:

Ride with them as they patrol one of the biggest cities in the world, then go home with them and be glad you’re not married to either.

No, thank you. The show was developed with FX Productions, and like his other shows made under a deal with the network— Better Things, Basket, and One Mississippi—C.K. will no longer be listed as an executive producer, nor receive compensation for them. Presumably, this news also means a lack of compensation for the many animators and other staff members supported by production.

It’s interesting to consider how a powerful person’s behavior affects not just the people they harm, but also an ever-expanding circle of people. When animators were laid off in mid-November during TBS’s initial investigation into C.K., Cartoon Brew reported that The Cop’s art director Francis Giglio shared an open letter to C.K. on Facebook. Giglio wrote that the crew were thrown into disarray and worry, looking for new projects just before the holiday season. But:

All of the stress and frustration that I find myself in now is nothing compared to the pain and distress you have caused those women. I will happily walk away from this project and any other project to fully support anyone that needs to come forward about sexual abuse or harassment.

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