Teacher Arrested For Encouraging Students to Sex In Classroom Closet


A Georgia teacher has been fired and arrested after it was reported that he was both permitting and facilitating sexual activity between his middle school students. He provided them with noise-cancellation (via ‘labtop’ [sic]) and other teachers’ schedules so they wouldn’t get caught. The only thing he didn’t supply them with was the condoms.

Quinton Wright, a math teacher and coach, was apprehended after a mother read the texts he was exchanging with one of his students and reported him to the police. The texts, according to the unnamed mother, show that Wright was allowing male students to have sex in his classroom during school hours. And, according to the texts, everything would be cool if people would just be quiet about it.

“He told my son you can have it [the storage closet] from 7:30 to like 8:30,” the mother said reading some of the messages. “’Did you tell the girl what’s going to happen? That she cannot tell anybody?’ basically don’t tell anyone I’m allowing you to use my room.”

The mother also expressed concern about Wright’s other behavior. She said that when the eighth-graders were having prom, Wright asked if he could come over and take “pictures with the boys” beforehand. She said no, but thought it was a strange request. In addition, police have obtained texts in which Wright told a student that he “couldn’t be long” in the storage closet and “I ain’t got no condoms.”

From the report by WSB Channel 2, it seems like Wright really wanted to be “one of the guys” with middle-schoolers, which is creepy and stunted as hell.

Wright’s bond has been set at $16,000.

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