Teen Goes on Creepy Twitter Campaign to Take Friend's Hot Mom to Prom


Anthony Pinnisi says he was just joking when he asked his friend Chloe if he could take her mom to prom if he got 500,000 retweets, but when she agreed, he didn’t just laugh it off and ask someone age-appropriate, he started a creepy Twitter campaign complete with the mom’s bikini pics.

According to the Daily Mail, Pinnisi actually got 80,000 retweets before the school found out what was going on and quickly put a stop to his dreams of making it with a hot older woman at the most important social event of his life (I assume; I was banned from going to prom in high school for very different reasons). And even though he says it was just for fun, anyway, it’s hella creepy that some high school senior decided that he was going to just get someone’s mom to go to prom with him because of 500,000 retweets. Not only because you can’t trade favors for retweets or assume that a woman (a much older woman) will go out with you just because you had the public coerce her into doing so, but also because this whole retweeting business is getting really, really tiresome.

The reaction of the mom, who now has photos of herself in a bikini plastered all over the internet, isn’t known, but her daughter Chloe is apparently ill-pleased that Pinnisi took her seriously. When he asked her how many retweets it would take to ask her mom to prom, Chloe probably gave Pinnisi a giant number just so he’d shut up and move on (probably because Chloe knew he had a thing for her mom and it was creepy) (but I might be projecting) and she didn’t expect this to get as big as it did.

Pinnisi is disappointed he’s “letting everyone down” by not taking Chloe’s mom to prom (because this is all about him and who cares what anyone else wants or might be embarrassed by) but says that he’s not a “pervert” and is upset that people are labeling him as such when he has “so much respect” for the woman whose bathing suit photos he circulated all over the internet in an effort to force her into paying him attention.

Image via Twitter

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