Teen Mom Amber Hospitalized After Possible Suicide Attempt

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The events on Teen Mom are frequently troubling, but today things took a particularly tragic turn when Amber Portwood reportedly attempted to commit suicide. According to the police report, a caller said Amber “was depressed and threatening to end her life. The victim, who did not appear to be injured, was transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation.” A source says that the call was placed by Gary Shirley‘s mother, and that EMTs found her semi-conscious will a rope loosely knotted around her neck. [Radar]
Amber‘s brother, Shawn Portwood, says, “Amber told us she had a panic attack last night after Gary began calling her names, telling her he was going to take Leah away from her … He’s verbally abusive to her. Our whole family thinks he’s the reason behind all of Amber’s problems.” Shawn says no one called Amber’s family when she was taken to the hospital, and suggests that Gary may have tipped the tabloids because he’s still trying to win custody. [E!]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have moved into a “fortress” to keep the paparazzi at bay. While Brad is filming World War Z in Malta, they’ll be staying in Qrendi Guarena Palace, an 18th-century castle. [Radar]

Sean Bean doesn’t just play a badass on TV! On Sunday he was stabbed in a bar brawl, and rather than going to the hospital he ordered another drink. [Daily Mail]

  • It seems Lily Allen has taken new husband Sam Cooper‘s last name. She’s now referring to herself as MrsLRCooper (Mrs. Lily Rose Cooper) on Twitter, so it must be official. [E!]

  • Playboy has discovered the perils of asking scantily-clad ladies to jump on trampolines. Model Denise Underhill is suing the company because she injured her knee during a trampoline photo shoot in 2009. [TMZ]
  • Soulja Boy says a racist and homophobic rant that appeared on his Facebook page this weekend was posted by hackers. He says, “This was not done by me or anyone on my team and I’m upset that I am being labeled as a racist and homophobic person.” We’d really like to believe you, Soulja Boy, but the hackers excuse seems less plausible post-Weinergate. [TMZ]
  • Antoine Dodson was sporting a fetching long wig at last night’s Webby Awards. [TMZ]
  • Melissa Leo, who co-stars with Tracy Morgan in the upcoming film Predisposed, says of his homophobic rant, “I witnessed Tracy very upset by being misunderstood, and the best comfort to him seemed to be that comedy is the most difficult [skill] of what we do … And comedy in the theatrical arts presses boundaries and asks questions and puts things in people’s faces. The cat I’m working with up the river is a very fine man with the best intentions. And yeah, he likes to push an envelope, without a doubt.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • Fergie tells Allure, “I think people think that I’m pregnant sometimes because my weight fluctuates … I gain and lose weight everywhere from the thighs up. My problem is my discipline … I see a Jack in the Box or a DelTaco, and I will impulsively want it. I’m a work in progress in that area.” For shame! Everyone knows ladies aren’t ever allowed to eat delicious fatty foods. [Us]
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