Tekashi 6ix9ine Could Be Walking Down the Street and Cardi B Wouldn’t Know A Thing

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Could Be Walking Down the Street and Cardi B Wouldn’t Know A Thing

At the end of his trial, which has taken place over the last three days, alleged sexual predator and former 9 Trey member Tekashi 6ix9ine has pled guilty to: robbery, attempted murder, selling a kilo of heroin, racketeering, firearm charges, drug trafficking, and violent crimes in aid of racketeering. Yesterday, the court was even engaged in questions about Cardi B’s alleged affiliation with the Bloods after attorney Alex Huot asked if he used her success as a “blueprint.” (Contrary to some reports, Complex notes he did not name her specifically in his response.) This, obviously, did not sit well with Cardi B, who defended herself on Twitter:

Photo:Cardi B (Twitter)

What worries me is how this might affect her own legal battle over a strip club brawl back in August 2018. Either way, her team or Cardi herself sensed the danger in publicly tweeting this and its since been deleted. Instead, she used Keke Palmer’s ever-applicable “Sorry to this man” to respond on Instagram—no caption needed. When asked by TMZ if she was indeed a member of the Bloods, reps for Cardi B stated, “This is not true.” [People]

If you’re ever in Wyoming, learn from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s public humiliation and leave the deer and antelope alone. As TMZ reports:

The couple was issued a slight scolding over a video Kim posted last weekend, in which it appears Kanye’s taking them for an ATV ride across the range … as he chases some pronghorns, AKA American antelope. At one point it sounds like Kim shouts, “I think you’re scaring them!!!” … and she’s probably right … which is why there are laws against it.

According to sources, the manager for the couple’s massive ranch was approached by state officials after the Wyoming Game & Fishing Department was made aware of their activities and lectured on the rules. After all, state laws in Wyoming prohibit animal harassment—and violations carry a $435 fine and citations! (Not like such a paltry amount matters to people that can afford a ranch that big.) When asked for comment, noted Wyomingite and Jezebel Editor-in-Chief Julianne Escobedo Shepherd said:

Honestly, that’s probably not behavior that any number of drunken jock assholes do at any point around the state, but also real Wyomingites know that horns? can kill you? and probably you shouldn’t get wild animals mad? Also: animal cruelty, go design a shirt or some shit

Um…I didn’t know that Julianne, and now I’m never going outside! [TMZ]

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