Tell Us About The First Time You Had Sex

Tell Us About The First Time You Had Sex

Did you know John Stamos has a web series on Yahoo where he interviews other celebrities about their early sexual experiences? Now you do! In it, Perez Hilton reveals that Marky Mark was a big part of his sexual awakening, Alan Cumming talks about having sex with women and men (though not at the same time – at least not at first) and Olivia Munn says she faked it so excessively that one partner asked her to stop overacting.

Everyone’s got a story – or non-story – about having sex for the first time. (Except for me, Mom. I have no stories.) Some are heart-wrenching, some are very very funny and some are so normal it’s like, what’s wrong with you? Have you drifted through life with no struggles? Why are you so well-adjusted? But we want yours, no matter the circumstances! Tell us about your First Time™, however you define that (straight sex, curly sex, blow jobs, sexual intercourse) in the comments. We will collect the ten most orgasmic/the ones that feature of the largest amount of blood and post them later in the week.

In an effort to keep these organized, please use the following format:

Age: (how old you were at the time of the incident)

Location: (tent/his bed/backseat of a station wagon)

Partner: (girl/boy/drunk best friend)

How it went down: (you laughed, you cried, it was better than Cats)

Looking forward to your horrifying/hilarious/sad/heartwarming/harrowing tales!

Image by Jim Cooke.

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