Tell Us Your Horrifying Period Stories


Rust-spotted underwear. Ruined pants. Discolored dining chairs. Crippling cramps. Chances are, if you’ve had your period, you’ve had a menstruation mishap.

As a teenager, yours truly experienced a terrible incident involving getting my period while sleeping on a plane, during which a pair of jeans and an airplane seat cushion were ruined simultaneously. Traumatizing.

And you? Do you have a wretched, blood-soaked tale to tell? You may do so in the comments, or more anonymously via email. We’re not looking for super sad medical tragedies (though feel free to share!). We’re interested in regular days gone horribly wrong, thanks to that pushy and relentless bitch Aunt Flo. We’ll collect the ten worst and award them with applause and hugs made of Dri-weave.

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