Texas Group Spreading Girl Power By Giving Women Free Guns


A Texas non-profit is “fighting the war on women, one free shotgun at a time.” Because guns don’t kill people. Super empowered women kill people!!

The Armed Citizen Project is trying to close the gender gun gap by, as it explains on its website, “training and arming vulnerable women” with pump action shotguns. It’s also “training and arming residents in mid-high crime areas with defensive shotguns, for free!” The exclamation mark makes that sentence sound so jolly instead of terrifying.

Of course, many studies have found that it’s not actually safer for more women to own guns. From MSNBC:

However, a recent study conducted by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center suggested women are in fact less safe with guns in the home. It found that women living in states with more accessibility to guns are at a greater risk for violent death via “unintentional gun deaths, suicides and homicide, particularly firearm suicides and firearm homicides.”
A 2003 study from the University of Pennsylvania indicated that a woman with a gun in her home was nearly three times more likely to be murdered compared to a woman without a gun in the home.

But why stress the data or what anyone else thinks? “I really have no interest from hearing elected officials on this.” Kyle Coplen, the group’s 29-year-old founder, told MSNBC. Maybe if the facts had guns they could defend themselves.

So far, ACP has only given out 35 guns. That still sounds like 35 guns too many.


Image via ACP.

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