Texas High School Suspends More Than 160 For Dress Code Violations


Chaos erupted at Duncanville High School in Texas last week when the school administration performed a rather harsh crackdown on the school dress code, examining each student’s clothing and general appearance with no prior warning. Anyone who violated the dress code was asked to change, with many kids simply being sent home, having apparently flouted rules that were not previously enforced. About 170 students total were suspended. And the school just freaked the fuck out.

The administration probably didn’t expect the students to actually riot, throwing trash cans and tables in response to the dress code checks. But that’s exactly what happened, and administrators resorted to calling the police to the school, though no arrests were made. As scary as it is, the high school Tumblr-er in me finds this pretty hilarious.

While anti-authority rage spreads like wildfire, some of the students were angry that they were sent home for more academic reasons—school ends in less than a month and they are currently preparing for finals. Being sent home from school meant missing some important finals prep work.

Somehow, despite my best effort, I can’t bring myself to believe that a bunch of hard-working students would hold a riot because they were held from preparing for finals. Still, probably best not to front with a band of honor roll high school students, about gain freedom for a few months.

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