Texas Politician Regrets Urging Against 'Jewing Down'


Texas Republian State Representative Larry Taylor has apologized for using the phrase “Jew them down” during a legislative hearing.

The mustachioed compadre of Rick Perry invoked anti-Semitic stereotypes and your most embarrassing great uncle in a discussion of insurance claim payouts to victims of natural disasters. Taylor was concerned that the companies would try to avoid paying their full obligation to claimants, and warned the companies against pulling any stunts. Talking Points Memo reports that he said,

“Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.” He quickly added: “That’s probably a bad term.”

Why yes, sir. It is indeed a bad term.

To his credit, the politician apologized for the Jew-related comment, saying he regrets his choice of words and sincerely apologizes for any harm or offense he caused.

What’s the opposite of Yee-haw? Yee-hawn’t? This was definitely a yee-hawn’t.

Texas GOPer Apologizes for saying ‘Don’t try to Jew them down’ [TPM]

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