Texas Server Fired For Writing Racial Slur on Receipt

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Jesus, again? Are there a lot of restaurant employees who don’t have internet access?

The latest instance of a server writing a blatant racial slur on a check as if it were nbd comes to us courtesy of Shatila Restaurant in Arlington, Texas. There, a server identified only as “Ragheed” typed in the n-word on a receipt for a table of six black customers who ate there on New Years Eve. This was apparently in response to the table asking for separate checks. I look forward to seeing how people will try to defend this the way they have similar (although less blatant) instances of receipt fuckery in the past.

To the restaurant’s credit, Ragheed was fired immediately, and Shatila owner Mike Salame seems genuinely remorseful, offering profuse apologies without any sort of excuse or prevarication:

“I’m just sorry man…I’m just sorry,” said Mike Salame.
“It’s very very improper. There is no exceptions at all. That’s why when I found out, on the spot, I terminated him…on the spot,” Salame said.

The most noteworthy thing about this one compared to similar incidents is that at this point, the servers who pull shit like this appear to not even be trying any more. You’re just going to drop the n-bomb casually on a receipt where customers could easily see it? You can’t even pretend that’s supposed to be something else, or some sort of “joke.” There’s also the fact that in this case, we’re not exactly dealing with a brain surgeon: Ragheed is an 18-year-old kid who’d only been there a week and had already received two complaints. Also, he gave us this wonderful quote, which is too perfect for me to paraphrase:

When News 8 posed questions to Ragheed, he told us his only comment would be “My bad.”

Although I suppose this level of not-giving-a-fuckery is actually great news, because if the racists have given up even trying to pretend they’re not what we all know they are, it makes them that much easier to identify.

Image via Shatila Restaurant/Facebook.

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