Thank God, Ivanka Trump Isn't Planning to Run For the Senate

Thank God, Ivanka Trump Isn't Planning to Run For the Senate
Photo:Charlie Neibergall (Getty Images)

Despite the profoundly concerning rumors circulating in January that Ivanka Trump was potentially planning to primary current Florida Senator Marco Rubio when he’s up for reelection in 2022, Rubio’s office said on Thursday that Ivanka has no plans to run for office against Rubio. Of course, that still leaves Florida to deal with Marco Rubio, which is also far less than ideal.

The New York Times reports that they had a meeting recently during which Ivanka offered her support for Rubio’s reelection, and the two supposedly “had a great talk,” according to a Rubio spokesperson. A source close to Ivanka confirmed the conversation, claiming that Ivanka was never seriously considering a Senate run.

In a statement, Ivanka Trump said that Rubio is “a tremendous advocate for working families,” a claim that is not backed up by his actual policy agenda, and also a “good personal friend,” which I suppose could be true.

“I have seen Marco’s commitment to fighting for American families through our work together to double the child tax credit, get millions more Americans access to paid family leave and creating the paycheck protection program to support small business during the pandemic.”

At a rally in January prior to the Georgia runoff elections, Donald Trump addressed the potential of Ivanka running for office. “She doesn’t really like the concept of running for office,” he said. “She says, ‘What do I need it for, dad?’ ”

As a wealthy white woman, Ivanka is absolutely right in that she absolutely does not need to run for office for any reason at all— in fact, let’s hope more bored and out-of-touch wealthy white women follow her lead!

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