That’s It, I Need to See This Family on Reality TV

Every Christmas, The Roll family greeting card reaches cinematic proportions. Frankly, I need Andy Cohen and a camera STAT.

That’s It, I Need to See This Family on Reality TV
Screenshot:CBS Austin This Morning (Other)

Each Christmas since 2015, a family in Austin, Texas mails out a greeting card that could probably put some people in Hollywood out of a job. And they’re finally getting some much-deserved attention.

This week, Olympia, Frank, and Meadow Roll nabbed themselves a People exclusive for their take on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. The card features Olympia, a photographer, and her daughter, Meadow, as Barbie, while her husband, Frank, is none other than Allen. Photoshopped behind them stands a devout recreation of the Barbie set, including Margot Robbie’s Dreamhouse pre-Mojo Dojo Casa House renovation. “Christmas in plastic, it’s fantastic!” the card reads.

Apparently, the Rolls just really love movies and Christmas and in 2015, decided on sending out custom holiday cards that demonstrate as much. The first? Battlestar Galactica. They’ve also recreated Jordan Peele’s Us and House of the Dragon. My personal favorite? 2020, which looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic hellscape.

“With a BFA in photography, I ran with the concept the following year creating my own card with the help of my family and Photoshop,” Olympia told People in an interview. “I conceptualize and execute the photography on my own with a tripod and a timer and everyone waits anxiously for the card to come in the mail each year.”

“Our cards are most often inspired by movies or TV,” Olympia continued. According to her, the couple met while working at Hollywood Video and bonded over their passion for filmmaking. “Other years have been a nod to current events or pop culture. Whatever really moves us that year.”

Not only is this commitment to the tradition really fucking impressive, it’s enough evidence that the Rolls deserve their own reality television show. Or, that Andy Cohen should consider a Real Housewives of Austin franchise with Olympia as the first cast hire.

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