The Bachelor Rewind: A Complete History of 'Lauren'


The Bachelor is a show about hot young whites perpetuating an antiquated, patriarchal fairytale while downing wine like water, but it is also a show about hot young whites named Lauren. Since season 4, there have been 16 contestants named Lauren in the franchise’s history, making “Laurens” a bit of an in-joke with the Bachelor Nation crowd.

Naturally, Jezebel has taken upon the journalistic duty of compiling each Lauren in the show’s 18-year history, outlining in incredible detail each Lauren and her standing in each season. They rarely win, but when they do, it is a cause for celebration. Here’s to you, Laurens! You keep fighting for love… on TV, or in your Instagram DMs, because your life as a social media influencer is probably pretty hectic. I’ll never tire of watching your exploits.

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