The Best Republican Ladyblog Story Ideas


We knew we could depend on you folks to make up for where the Republican National Committee left off. Here, a few of our favorites from the comments.

  • There’s No “I” In Uterus, But There IS A “U.S.” (AndPreciousLittleOfThat)
  • It’s Not Rape, It’s Surprise Sex! Why You Should Be Grateful He Chose You. (Skahimself).
  • Smaller Government, Smaller Rights, A Guide For Women. (Nick1693)
  • I Found The Shirtless Photos My Husband Posted To Craigslist: How To Deal (And How To Win Back His Attention!) (Val diP); followup: What To Wear To Your Husband’s Resignation Press Conference (Plus Tips On Facial Expression!) (BoxMeowBox)
  • They Should Have Worked Harder: An Expose into the Frightening World Of Senior Medical Care Entitlements (Jen82)
  • Lilly Ledbetter And Your Morning Commute: Costly Wages, Expensive Tires (Pickle and Gunner)
  • How to Hate Your Bush By Loving George W. (La Comtesse)
  • The Best Pink and Blue Toys for Your Little Girls and Boys (Respectively) (Kivrin)
  • Beat the Rush! Scheduling Your Next Pap Smear at Walgreen’s (Southern belle)
  • Getting Your M.R.S.: Why Sending Our Daughters to College is a Necessary Evil (Ms. Frost)

We’re all about public service.

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