The "Booty Pillow" Is A Real Thing That Exists


Finally, a solution for those of us with pesky lovers who like to fall asleep on our asses!* Introducing the Booty Pillow, which is “meant to look like and replicate the feel of laying on a woman’s backside and the small of her back.” Featuring products with names like “The AmsterDAAMN,” for a small sum of $29.99 you can purchase a product that promises to “put a smile on your cheeks.”

Booty Pillow’s website directs us to the origins of said product, called “Birth of the Booty”:

The story of the Booty Pillow is quite simple. Lull was laying on a girl’s butt/small of her back. He thought to himself, “Man, this is really comfortable. I wish I could just take this and keep it. It feels so great!” The next day, he called Nic, told him the story, and then said, “We should make Booty Pillows!” Nic laughed and followed, “I’m down. Let’s do it!” The rest is history.

Really gives Genesis a run for its money, doesn’t it?

* Is this a thing that actually happens? Anyone?

[Booty Pillows (Official Site) Via The Gloss]

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