The Country Music Awards Just Get Weirder Every Year


It used to be Stetsons and sequins; nowadays the CMAs are the purview of hollywood stars, the occasional rapper, and some seriously bizarre fashions. (Although, yes, Reba, Taylor, Faith et al were representing.)

Nicole Kidman‘s weird majorette uniform reminds me of those combo shirts-and-sweaters that first appeared in the late ’90s and seemed awesome for about 5 minutes until you realized they were really hard to wash and also, ridiculous.

Taylor Swift reps old-school formal. Also, weirdly mature dowdiness.

Reba McEntire thoroughly approves.

Jennifer Nettles does “evil queen.”

Carrie Underwood brings the requisite meringue element.

Hillary Scott‘s azalea hue is a nice dash of color, even if the overall effect is a little “destination-wedding bridesmaid.”

Jewel will be there, with bells on.

LeAnn Rimes kind of bridges the gap between ruffles and glitz and the streamlined lines that half the crew adapted.

See: Kristen Bell.

Faith Hill didn’t want to choose between tailored structure and angelic drapery. So she didn’t.

Aha, the skintimate portion of the evening! Exhibit A: singer Laura Bell Bundy.

And B: Camila Alves.

Don’t worry, there were still 10-gallons aplenty, like John Rich‘s.

And, natch, Cowboy Troy!

Then we have the just plain odd, like singer Emily West‘s death-stare and Maleficent getup.

Or Gretchen Wilson‘s weirdly casual weekend-wear.

Or Allison Demarcus‘ black widow.

The Travises had an awesome “Munsters” thing going!

And, oh yeah: LL Cool J was here.

[Images via Getty.]

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