The Dude Who Made That Terrible Mall Ad Knew EXACTLY What He Was Doing


You’ve probably seen the abysmal ad for Missouri’s East Hills Mall, which is currently circulating the Internet. Perhaps you even have the drone of “boots and pants and boots and pants” stuck in your head this very minute! Well, the guy who made that commercial knew exactly what he was doing.

AdWeek points to KNPN’s report on the local sensation. They spoke to Chris Fleck, the producer who crafted the ad. He is just as pleased as punch with the reaction. “The whole time we pitched this idea, we said ‘Maybe it’ll go viral.’ Boy, it did!” He added, “I’m not offended by any of the comments. Just the fact that they’re talking about it, that’s gold for the mall, for East Hills.” Plus his clients are happy: “Whether you liked it or not, people can’t stop saying ‘boots and pants,'” said one rep. Boot and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants….

Previously, Fleck’s rap for Cecil Meyers Mitsubishi also went viral. I hope the end of Mad Men is just an ancient Don Draper scrolling through YouTube with utter bemusement:

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