The Final Four Serve Red-Carpet Realness On RuPaul's Drag Race


Last night the guest judges were an Oscar winner and a Tony winner — Tatum O’Neal and Marissa Jaret Winokur— and the challenge for the contestants was to create three different looks for the fictional “Diva Awards.”

Tyra Sanchez was in charge of choreographing an opening number, which Tatianna found “posey.”

Later Tyra attempted to create a red carpet gown out of pieces of faux fur. While the dress was not right for the competition, hopefully she FedExed it to Lady Gaga, who would know what to do with it. Or to someone who is planning a party celebrating Red from Fraggle Rock.

The runway presentations were so good. Raven’s Executive Realness — which RuPaul found to be reminiscent of Lesley Stahl — was the fiercest. Ru thought that Jujubee looked like Nancy Pelosi, adding, “but see, [Juju] can move her forehead.” If you have never seen Paris Is Burning, it is highly recommended, and you’ll find that Executive Realness is a true drag ball category.

When it came to “Teen Diva Awards” ensembles, Tyra was stunning and so right on — although Jujubee worked the Mary J. Blige vibe quite well.

For some reason, Red-Carpet Realness — for which the queens needed to dress for the imaginary Diva Hollywood Extravaganza Awards — was the category where a few contestants stumbled. Tatianna’s dress looked cheap and wrong; Jujubee’s outfit lacked modern glamour. (Or maybe she should have done an updo?) Raven was stunning, however, and Tyra looked like she was ready to be crowned Miss Dragmerica.

I’ve fought it for too long: Raven, the “psychological woman,” is now my favorite. I loved her country queen look and her bridal ensemble. Good thing she is in the final three! Tyra won last night’s challenge, and Jujubee was safe after she and Tatianna lipsynched for their lives. (There’s an exit interview with Tatianna here.)

So the final three are Raven, Tyra and Jujubee. My money’s on Raven to win!

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