The First Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Teaser Is a Gloriously Dark Satanic Hellscape


The first teaser trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Sabrina remake, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is finally here and it looks as dark as initially promised. Created by the producers of Riverdale and full of the promise of horror, the occult, and witchcraft in lieu of zany high school hijinks and whatever mess Melissa Joan Hart dealt with in the late ‘90s and early-aughts, this show is goth as hell. Literal hell—this is some Satan shit.

Kiernan Shipka stars as orphaned witch Sabrina Spellman as she navigates school, boyfriends (Harvey Kinkle, played by Disney’s Ross Lynch), and her own magic. The teaser trailer is just over a minute of fast cuts and hellish images: cult rituals, levitations, horned figures and pentagrams all make an appearance. It’s certainly a far cry from the first image of Sabrina and Harvey that surfaced back in April, and I cannot wait to see how we get to 666 bliss from, well, this:

Stick around for the final seconds of the teaser when Sabrina’s beloved black hell cat Salem makes an appearance—the real feline is an improvement from the mangy-ass animatronic cat in the original, which was mostly portrayed by a borderline immobile robot (He shifted in weird, bad, stiff ways? In the few moments where Salem did move to do something other than eat, a real cat was used.)

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts on October 26.

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