The Glorious, Ridiculous Hats of Royal Ascot


Today was the opening of Royal Ascot, a series of horse races to which the U.K.’s elite flock. But mostly, it’s a peerless gathering of towering, ridiculous and expensive hats. Classy hats, ugly hats, flower hats, feather hats, hats you can probably see from space. Here are some stand-outs.

This is what passes for “low key” at this highlight of the British social calendar:

The Royal Ascot “race meeting” (aristocrats, y’all) has long been associated with the royals, as it was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne and takes place near Windsor Castle. So Camilla turned up wearing something that looks like a spaceport on her head, and even a top hat can’t give Prince Harry an air of seriousness:

Hats being de rigueur at the festivities, many attendees take the opportunity to leave the house in headgear that would make Marie Antoinette blush:

Can they see? Do they care?

“Nailed it.”

Never change, England.

Photos via Getty.

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