The Golden Girls Had Sex With So Many Golden Boys


The Golden Girls were three widows and one divorcée who shared a home in Miami, Florida from 1985 until 1992, when the divorcée married Leslie Nielsen. But before the wedding of the decade, the girls filled seven years of social calendars with date after date—and this was decades before Tinder.

The folks at Refinery29 rewatched all 180 episodes of The Golden Girls, the docu-series that chronicled their lives, in an attempt to figure out just how many boyfriends/potential sexual partners each of them had. While the results are fun to flip through, they’re far from surprising to loyal viewers.

Here’s what they discovered:

  • Sophia got hot and heavy with 25.
  • Rose made sweet, sweet love to 30.
  • Blanche drowned in ecstasy with 165.
  • Dorothy got busy with 43.

For a full rundown of their conquests, read the full post. For my favorite sex story from the entire series, click play:

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Image via Touchstone Television.

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