The Green Dress Is Back

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The Green Dress Is Back
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Fetuses still in utero the last time Jennifer Lopez wore the green Versace jungle print that birthed Google Images are now in college, yet JLo’s eternal beauty shall not fade. The original dress still looks like a swimsuit cover-up. The updated version looks like a one-piece for a black-tie pool party with a sarong. And Google, along with its images, has long faded into obscurity.

Lopez’s walk in the Versace Spring 2020 show celebrates the twentieth anniversary of JLo at the Grammys in the original and also the day she single-handedly invented the internet as we know it. Legend has it that the first time around, so many people searched for photos of Jennifer Lopez in the low-cut green Versace, Google invented an image search function. I once read that she has the dress on display somewhere in her house and sincerely hope that sometimes she puts it on and just hangs out by the pool searching for sloth gifs and thinking “I did this.” [BBC]

We had to wait an entire year for images of Beyoncé wearing a spot-on Lisa Bonet costume back in 2018. But if the images herald the return of the fashion top hat, then the time was incredibly well-spent. [Bossip]

  • Zooey Deschanel continues to consume food in the presence of a property brother as their courtship continues. [E! News]
  • Celebrities and royals commemorated the occasion of Misha Nonoo’s nuptials by covering their bodies with clothing of equal value to a used-but-in-good-condition Toyota. [Daily Mail]
  • A man who may have been the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has definitely broken up with Lindsay Lohan. [Daily Mail]
  • Brunetney walked a red carpet instead of attending court, which seems preferable but only slightly. [Us Weekly]
  • Suzanne Whang, who hosted House Hunters from 1999-2007, has died. [New York Daily News]
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