The iHeartRadio Music Awards Red Carpet Was So Spectacularly Bad… Maybe It Was Good?

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Image: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Sometimes bad things actually look beautiful. Sometimes things that are expensive... are worse. The iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet was a perfect illustration of these incredibly simple concepts.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards were determined to make a big showing Thursday night, because of everything “currently going on in the world right now.” As such, viewers and journalists and photographers and even celebrities were all forced to sit through another dreary awards show, and an even more unfortunate red carpet showing.

Instead, I’d like to turn our attention to Doja Cat, who swung and missed in this bra and panty set loosely covered up by a long piece of fabric. I love Doja Cat’s fashion more than most other celebrities these days. But something happens to people when they step onto the carpet at off-brand music “awards” shows. Instead of effort, they just slap on whatever happens to be on hand, hence this gown—if I can even call it a gown. But I can’t really fault Doja or her stylists for it?

I mean, who even saw this look anyway, besides me and the handful of photographers present.

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