​The Jay Z-Solange Elevator Showdown Happened Over a Spider


Last night, Andy Samberg returned to Saturday Night Live to host the season finale with the stupendous St. Vincent as a musical guest, and it felt like one big ol’ afterparty. There was a crazy amount of cameos from other SNL veterans because 1) it was the season finale and they just don’t give a damn, 2) it’s not like they needed to put in effort to follow up last week’s episode, and 3) Andy Samberg had to carry an entire live performance. But the episode was a great grab bag o’ fun with appearances by (among others) Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Maya Ruloph who reprised her role as Beyoncé.

In the cold open, Jay Z and Solange make a public statement to address the elevator scandal that hijacked the news cycle for five days and set the record straight: Solange was simply trying to get a spider off of Jay Z. HOW COULD WE BE SO FOOLISH!? But just when the sketch felt it was going on too long, Maya Ruldoph jumped in and made everything a little better.

Aaand, just for the hell of it, here’s last night’s Kissing Family: Michael Sam edition, complete with all of the cameos and Fred Armisen’s inability to handle his shit around Bill Hader. Aw, who can blame him?

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