The Lead Singer of a Metal Band Is Here to Answer All Your Questions


It’s time! Nina Osegueda, aka commenter DuchessODork, is the lead vocalist in the band A Sound of Thunder. She’s about to go on tour, but first! She will be answering questions for about an hour.

Some background:

Nina Osegueda (born Balvina Osegueda), is a female heavy metal vocalist from Washington DC. She is the lead vocalist of A Sound of Thunder.
A first generation American, Nina’s parents are immigrants from Spain and El Salvador. Having grown up in the DC area, Nina became a classically trained vocalist with a range of styles that vary from r&b to opera. She’s has been described as “the imaginary love-child of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson”, two important metal vocalists have influenced her metal style along with Dio and Eric Adams. Since 2009, she has worked with A Sound of Thunder as their lead singer, lyricist, and primary booking agent. An art school graduate, she is also their web designer and manages most of the graphics for their merchandise and advertising.
Currently, Nina works full-time in Washington DC while managing her band, booking gigs, and recording. She and A Sound of Thunder will be touring in November, and they currently have a KickStarter campaign to fund their 4th studio album: The Lesser Key of Solomon.

FYI: Here’s the band’s official site and Facebook page. Now ask away!

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