The Look for Fall Is Furry


Every once in awhile I like to pop my head into the high fashion industré and see what’s coming down the pipeline in terms of trends. Wandering a Forever 21 several months after collections have solidified new colors, cuts, fabrics, etc., will I be forced to consider kitten heels (*shrieks*) or severing my own head courtesy of Gucci? And looking at Schiaparelli’s Fall 2018 couture show, I know that the hottest trend coming our way is furry chic.

Bertrand Guyon, creative director of the brand, sent models down the runway in animal-themed ensembles, complete with elaborate butterfly, flamingo, rabbit and puppy dogs masks that screamed “I absolutely have a fursona and yes, thanks for asking, I do run a DeviantArt account dedicated to my erotic animal drawings.”

Is this the result of Schiaparelli picking up on the idea nearly a decade too late or is the house trying to cater to a high-fashion furry community with thousands of dollars to spend on custom masks??? Elsa Schiaparelli had a surrealist flare and a thing for face-obscuring hats and masks, so I can entertain the idea that this is a homage.

But just entertain.

Because this is furry shit.

I was also particularly into this look captured by New York Times reporter Vanessa Friedman, which is really giving me Crash Bandicoot CHIC.

Sorry, everyone in fashion has to dress like a furry now, and eventually you will too.

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