The New Chip That Will Tell You Where You Put Your Sweater


If you’ve ever lost your favorite sweater/keys/wallet in or outside of your own home you may have dreamed of a tiny chip that could locate it with ease. That dream may soon be a reality.

According to BBC, a “number of stores, among them major retail chain Wal-Mart, have started using RFID tags to enable employees to quickly check the stock by scanning items on shelves, and to track products more easily from manufacturing to the final delivery.”
The way this setup works is that those little RFID tags use radio waves to send information to devices used by store employees. Those devices in turn send the data to an inventory system. And tada! Someone can create a database which shows exactly where each individual item is located.
Now take things a step further and throw in an Internet-connected gadget into this arrangement.
You’d then have clothing items (or other objects) which automatically post messages about their locations.

Finally, the gift for someone who has everything and can never find it.

What if your pants could tweet your current location? [Today]

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