Sochi's Newest Official Heartthrob Is This Puppy-Adopting Skier


The search is off, folks: It’s taken a while, but we finally found America’s sweetheart at the Sochi Olympics. It’s Gus Kenworthy, skier and silver medalist, who is currently doing everything he can to adopt a small litter of stray puppies from Sochi.

Apologies to Johnny Quinn, the bobsledder who got stuck in a bathroom and then an elevator, who has now been demoted to second place in our hearts. Come back with you’ve gotten stuck in a laundromat with a basket of kittens.

The New York Times, whose reporters were very invested in the puppies’ fate, says:

Kenworthy said he was in the process of adopting four puppies and a mother dog that he found outside the Gorki Media Center here.
“They’re adorable,” he said. “I’ve kind of been a dog lover my whole life. It was hard to see them and not want to help them out, so I arranged for some kennels and on Monday I’m going to take them to get vaccinated and try to go through the process of bringing them home with me and getting them homes.”

Kenworthy says he’s planning to get them vaccinated Monday, and hopes he’ll be able to bring the puppies home. If he can, he’ll keep one and adopt the rest out to friends and family. That shouldn’t be difficult—a few days ago, he tweeted pictures of himself cuddling with the puppies. Say goodbye to your capacity for rational thought:

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Photo via Getty.

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