The NFL Doesn't Care About Women But Hopes Women Will Buy NFL Fashion


After the NFL firmly informed their female fans they don’t care about us by suspending Ray Rice for just two games after he knocked out his fiancé and dragged her out of an elevator on camera, they want us to buy t-shirts. Via a partnership with Marie Claire. Et tu, Marie Claire?

Women make up 46 percent of NFL fans and 64 percent of ladies over 12 call themselves football fans, according to AdWeek, so you’d think we’d get a fall campaign of “We fucked up but we will be better, here is some real suspension and firings to go with that rhetoric sandwich.” But instead us lady fans (Go Raiders!) are getting a lad-NFL partnership to tell us where to buy Black Hole nail stickers called “The Ultimate Fangirl’s Guide to Football.” Jordin Sparks, Dania Ramirez, Jessica Szohr and Erin Heatherton are also modeling team gear.

I’m not impressed, and as a Radiers fan in true spirit, I shall burn something in anger.

The NFL makes tons of money and from a business perspective, it’s clear why Marie Claire would choose to partner up. But it’s disappointing that right after a slap in the face, the NFL decided to try and reach into our wallets — and Marie Claire came to the problematic party.

According to Marie Claire publisher Nancy Cardone, the the Fangirl’s Guide was inspired by the title’s own staff. “On Monday mornings, the watercooler conversation would be what happened at the game the night before,” she said. “A few of us even kill it in our fantasy leagues,” added editor in chief Anne Fulenwider. … “The NFL’s focus on making the apparel much more modern and fashionable has really showed up in their creative, so you feel like you can identify with what they’re wearing,” said Cardone. “It’s very authentic.”

Can we also authentically get some justice regarding the men who are told that beating women or cornering us in closets is OK because they’re good at sports?

Image via NFL.

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