The "Orgasm Robot": Educational Or Offensive?

A reader has tipped us to this bizarre contraption, known as “Moaning Lisa,” a robotic instrument designed to challenge users to master “the process leading to a female orgasm” using a series of ultrasonic sensors.

The creator, Matt Ganucheau, explains his creation as such: “The process leading to a female orgasm is a uniquely delicate challenge for both sexes leaving it a mystery to most men and women. Moaning Lisa is an instillation that examines this complex process by simplifying it into an almost game-like state. With Lisa, as in life, there are no instructions on display. This leaves each participant to discover how Lisa’s true sexual potential is unlocked.”

And just how does Lisa “teach” her users how to give a woman an orgasm? She moans at them, of course, when her eye sensors pick up someone’s presence. Because when a woman wants to have sex with you, she typically stands in front of you with ridiculously unrealistic boobs with sensor tabs attached and begins to moan as soon as you look at her. Realism FAIL!

The robot, according to Oddee, has the following sensors:

Lisa’s sensors include: 2 Piezo Touch Sensors are located on the posterior for grabbing, one on each cheek
# 1 Piezo Touch Sensors is located on the back of her neck for grabbing
# 2 Potentiometer knobs located on each nipple for tweaking
# 1 ribbon controller located on her clitoris, measuring friction speed for rubbing

So the user is essentially urged to grab and tweak this robot until the sensors hit overload, which will “escalate her moans to a full scream but also apply additional audio effects such as delays, slicers and reverbs.” The artist claims the machine is meant to help both men and women understand the “process” of female orgasms better, but in reality, it seems to just be another case of objectification for the user’s personal satisfaction: the woman never says a word, she only moans, and of course, she has no control over what is happening to her body.

This is a one-way sexual encounter that encourages users to grope an object that can’t grope back in order to feel a sense of self-satisfaction once her “sensors” go off. It’s hard to argue that anything like this can truly be educational when it doesn’t involve the realities of sex: namely, consent, physical interaction from both partners, and the notion that GASP! every woman doesn’t respond to the same sexual stimuli. The robot, by the way, is labeled as an “instrument” that plays “orgasmic electronic music,” cementing the notion that this body doesn’t represent a woman as much as it represents a creepy objectification of women and their orgasmic noises.

So what say you, commenters? Educational, or just plain offensive?

10 Most Bizarre Musical Instruments [Oddee]

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