The Resistance Rescinds Its Invite to Karlie Kloss, Thanks to Tavi Gevinson

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The Resistance Rescinds Its Invite to Karlie Kloss, Thanks to Tavi Gevinson
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Yesterday, Jezebel “welcomedKarlie Kloss to the “resistance,” praising her for her tweet that indicated she’s “tried” to talk to her brother and sister-in-law about their reprehensible politics. Today, we are forced to rescind the invite, for Tavi Gevinson (of Gossip Girl, Rookie, and an iconic apartment sponsorship deal) has entered the chat to make some very salient points.

Gevinson tore into Karlie’s “try” in her Instagram story Thursday night, making some points that I did not consider yesterday when praising Kloss for saying anything in the first place. Generally, I believe everyone when they say something the first time, and also, there was a coup. Everyone is fragile. Anyway, here’s Tavi, tearing Karlie a new one.

Screenshot:Instagram / @tavitulle

“Resistance Barbie” is a very sick little burn, 10 points to Tavi. The larger point about Karlie being able to use her “political power” to talk to her in-laws, or more specifically, to use her platform to publicly disagree with them holds water, but not a lot, in my book. Sure, Kloss could’ve said more about how reprehensible Jared and Ivanka are publicly, and clearly she didn’t because of money. Karlie’s Koding Camp for Young Girls needs money and good press only, and her various brand sponsorships probably don’t want to be attached to a person who publicly dissents. Yes, understood. Karlie is protecting the bag, something capitalism, something guillotine. If that’s the issue, then I don’t know what else to say!

However, it is incredibly difficult to convince family members that they are wrong about something, even when it is as clear as the shitty highlights in Ivanka’s wig-store-ass blowout that they are. Anyone with family members who don’t share the exact same views as they do can attest to this difficulty; yes, Kloss is a public figure, and yes, she should’ve and could’ve done more? Maybe? But, again, But even if she did, I can’t imagine Jared or Ivanka, who have likely signed a blood oath, would change their mind. Period!!!!! God. []

Man, seems like Mrs. Coup has really fucked some shit up, because everyone is crawling out of the woodwork to show their true selves, publicly! This time, Xena, Warrior Princess aka Lucy Lawless, and Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules, have come to blows on Twitter over whether or not the rioters that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday are antifa. (They’re not.)

Taking a brief stroll through Sorbo’s Twitter is bad, so I’ll just link the offending tweet here if you’re interested, but it looks like he circulated a theory that the man in the facepaint and the Viking drag was antifa, rather than a famous far-right QAnon troll. Lawless’s response is below and it is good:

Yas, Xena. Slay, warrior queen, etc! You tell Hercules what for. Lead the revolution, get the guillotine, do whatever. [Daily Mail]

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