The Royal Wedding


The ceremony. The kiss. The hats. THE DRESS. Becks. Church. Old people. Carriages. Flags. More hats. Tea!

The Dress From Every Damn Angle

We waited. And by god, we’re gonna ogle the shit outta this thing. It was lovely and lacy, created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and you can go ahead and gasp a little, because oooh pretty. More »

The Many, Many Mentions Of Princess Diana

Today was all about the People’s Princess. Or you’d be forgiven for inferring as much, seeing as this media covering her son’s nuptials couldn’t stop dropping her name. We rose before the sun this morning and sat through hours of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and E! News, and Lady Di’s name rang more persistently than the bells of Westminster. See for yourself. Watch »

Frowning Flower Girl Is Royal Wedding’s Breakout Star

Grace Van Cutsem, the little flower girl who frowned as Prince William and Kate Middleton kissed this morning, has already become an internet sensation. Buzzfeed created a generator which adds Grace to any photo you upload, and folks have already gotten right to work. More »

Gallery: Wedding Headgear

If you weren’t watching for the The Dress, you were watching for the mad hatters. And the big news from Westminster (besides the wedding, whatever that was about) was the chapeaux. And they truly were good, bad, and really ugly. More »

The First Royal PDA

We waited with bated breath for the newly-wedded royal couple to have their first “official” kiss – and 90 minutes after the happy couple strolled out of the Abbey, we got it. If you were one of the people betting on how long the lip-lock would, you likely owe some friends some money due to the brief peck. Watch »

The Royal Wedding Live: Minute By Breathtaking Minute

Good morning! Or, perhaps, if you have stayed up all night, good evening! Following a brief and glorious engagement, the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Catherine Middleton has arrived. We’re watching NBC, and we have an Authentic British Person™ chiming in from time to time. Pour yourself a cup of tea and join us, won’t you? More »

The Nuptials As Interpreted By Popsicle Stick Finger Puppets

You didn’t actually wake up for the real deal, did you? Nonsense! This is exactly what happened in Westminster Abbey, blow by royal blow. Watch »

Kate Middleton’s Tabloid Future

So, that happened. After years of dating (or scheming to get her man, depending on which sources you believe), Kate Middleton has finally married her prince. But this is no storybook, and in real life the tabloids don’t let anyone live happily ever after. Here’s a peek at what Kate can expect in the next few decades of public life. More »

Theory: Why Women Care About Princesses

Women care about the royalty and their lives more than men do, generally speaking, at least according to the proverbial data. But why is this? It goes a lot deeper than the Disney Princess fantasy. More »

The Creepy History Of The British Royal Family

Sure, today they’re all basking in joy and love and crumpets and hats, but the British royal family has had a pretty disturbing history. Below, a sampling of their beheadings, mysterious ailments, catastrophically failed marriages, and, of course, ghosts. More »

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