The Search For The Cutest Animal in the World


We love squee around here, and every Friday, we have some kind of cute animal to send you off into the weekend. But every now and then, when trying to figure out what kind of animal to post, we experience a dilemma: Would you rather see a puppy than a kitten? Is a baby fox cuter than a puppy? Does a sloth trump all? Sigh. Personally, I am partial to critters with giant ears. Just like some ladies would call tall, dark and handsome their “type,” Fennec foxes are my squee of choice. I also like chihuahuas and sand cats. Big ears FTW!

But there are so many adorable animals out there, with legions of fans: Pandas, sloths, bunnies, meerkats. Which is the cutest? Let’s battle it out below: Post pictures and lobby for your candidate!

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