The Situation & Snooki: The Greatest Love Story Of Our Generation?


Last night’s big premiere of the fourth season of Jersey Shore was kind of a disappointment. The gang headed to Italy, and there were a lot of setup luggage hijinks, a montage of fake passport photo shoots (apparently, they are the only people in America who are allowed to wear sunglasses and hats for their passports), and hair appliance/converter shenanigans. So it stands to reason that The Situation’s newfound feelings for Snooki could very well be part of some quasi-scripted storyline to add some drama, seeing as how Ronnie and Sammi aren’t fulfilling their roles (yet) as tortured house couple.

Still, there were some golden nugget moments, mostly revolving around the language barrier — the roommates have only a tenuous grasp on English to begin with. (Upon seeing a carousel, they screamed, “Oh my God, a Ferris wheel!” Upon seeing a bidet, Vinny said, “Yo, we got that thing that fuckin’ cleans your ass and shit.” And upon seeing some kind of historical landmark, Ronnie said, “What’s that? What’s that? I kinda wanna look at that thing, bro.”) Of course, this fish-out-water element was expected. What was surprising — but really should’ve been a no-brainer — is that they fit right in at the local eurotrash club.

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