The Sky Rave of Your Dreams Is Becoming a Reality


In the year 2016, flight attendants and crew members on the British airline EasyJet will wear uniforms lined with LED lights and sensors. You know what that means: Party in the skyyyyy!!!

EasyJet revealed its line of wearable tech uniforms today, designed by CuteCircuit, the same company that supplied Katy Perry with a light-up dress for the Met Gala in 2010.

The gaudy new flight gear features LED sensors and microphones that allow crew members to communicate messages like, “Where Are Ü Now?” and to also exchange important information on flight details.

According to CNet:

The cabin crew uniforms are dotted with LEDs on the shoulders that show your flight number and destination, in case you forget where you’re going. The LEDs and illuminated hems also provide extra lighting in case of an emergency.

…An emergency partyyyyyy! Also:

The engineer’s uniform bristles with reflective panels and LEDs in the hood, intended to light up work areas so workers don’t have to juggle a torch and have both hands free to stick panels back on, tighten propellers or whatever they have to do to keep your plane in the sky. Built-in video cameras allow them to beam pictures to other engineers to help diagnose problems.
Meanwhile air quality sensors and a barometer help engineers monitor their work environment and create a map of air quality in different cities.

The future is happening, sheeple. Flight attendants, prepare to take off your inhibitions and get lost in the night sky!

EasyJet, clearly a fan of peacocking, also debuted a birthday plane in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

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