The Stars Chose Wisely At Critics Choice Awards!


VH1’s 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, reminded us why we love awards season: everyone in Hollywood was there, and most of them looked incredible.

The Good:

We get it: you’re a goddess.

I cannot get over Dakota Fanning. This kid is amazing! She doesn’t put a foot wrong!

It’s so nice to see how chic Eva Longoria can look when she breaks out of her usual mold!

As we all know, Kristin Scott-Thomas lives in Paris and has gone totally native; it shows!

Digging Kristen Bell‘s easy slip.

Looks like Rosemarie DeWitt shares my weakness for 20’s bohemian chic!

Elizabeth Banks’ spun gold may be my favorite look of the night!

I once read that Diane Lane always does this simple shape: you can see why.

I like to think of Angela Bassett‘s sort of elegance as “opera singer chic!”

Penelope Cruz always makes it look so easy.

Laura Dern’s got the height to rock this 60’s glam.

The Bad:

What stylist talked Anne Hathaway into wearing an enormous napkin tucked into her belt?

Look, I get what Katy Perry’s going for, I do. But this is verging on costume shop!

Sarah Silverman looks so uncomfortable.

Sure, Amanda Bynes looks smokin’, but I’m officially over the “sexy costume” that is the bandage.

Sally Hawkins is so talented and adorable…why does she always do “wacky mom” on the red carpet?!

[Images via Getty]

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