The To-Do List: The Aubrey Plaza Teen Sex Comedy You've Been Waiting For


Here’s the trailer for The To-Do List, the Aubrey Plaza-starring teen sex comedy about a straight laced student’s quest to become more sexually experienced before heading off to college. It’s also the feature-writing and directorial debut of Maggie Carey and co-stars Alia Shawkat, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. Oh, yeah — Tami Taylor AND Jason Street (who has miraculously regained the use of his legs and is now pursuing a career in music) are both there, too.

The preview looks a little lackluster, but I’m still excited for this movie. It was Plaza’s first collaboration with Carey (an awesome sketch talk show called The Jeannie Tate Show) that launched her film career so the two obviously work well together. Then there’s the whole thing about how there are so rarely teen comedies that feature girls as the main characters — the ones who are making jokes and trying to have sex — as opposed to the love interest/pretty body that the main character wants to have sex on. Besides Alia Shawkat is in it and she’s scientifically proven to improve everything she touches.

Only two things are for sure — the 90s revival is in full swing and I definitely would like a copy of Womyn with a Y.

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