The Troye Sivan Songs, Cenobites, and ‘Bright Young Women’ That Got Us Through the Week

The best of what we've been watching, reading, and listening to.

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Photo: Vicky Leta

It’s been a horrifying and heartbreaking week, and today’s internet can quickly leave you feeling like Jon Stewart in that The Daily Show clip that’s going viral again. It’s also been a big week for trials, Nicole Kidman’s AMC, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Republicans are spending millions to lie about abortion; we’re stuck hearing Kari Lake’s name for the foreseeable future; Kendall Jenner is possibly trying to run for president; and Florida remains a state. Overall, we’re left with the question: Why aren’t there more fight clubs for women?

It’s overwhelming, to say the least. So here are the books, movies, and music we’ve been using to get off the internet and give our brains a rest.

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